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What will your guests/clients/boss think of you after your Company party?

Your company is having a party, YOU in charge of hiring the entertainment. You are concerned that your choice will have a direct effect on you . After all, YOU have been given the job. It is up to YOU to make sure it is done right and to everyone's expectations. 


This is also true if you are the boss and you are hiring the entertainment  for your employees or clients. How do you make this event special? For instance what will your boss or employees think if the DJ you hire is not what was expected? What will everyone think if the DJ you hire costs too much and/or  is not professional and entertaining?


How much money will be wasted if the guests want to leave early?

Time for a quick quiz - You have been tasked with finding the entertainment for your next company function. You make a few phone calls and find out:

  DJ Company #1 quotes $495 for 4 hours

  DJ Company #2 quotes $999 for 5 hours

  DJ Company #3 quotes $1500 for unlimited time

  DJ Company #4 prefers to meet before quoting a price


The answer is simple. The one that offers the best value for your money!


How can you tell which DJ is really the best value?

  It all depends on what you are "really" looking for. You may just need a person with a few CD's and a sound system. In that case go for the cheapest. Maybe you just need a "typical" DJ for yet another average event. In that case go for the average priced DJ who you have met and liked the best.


If you want to make sure that everyone has an EXCEPTIONAL time and that they will remember that event as a LOT of fun,  In that case you will  want to hire someone that you trust will provide an above average performance, and above average service.  That does not necessarily mean you have to pay above average prices.


How can you guarantee that you have chosen the right DJ for your event?

  Make sure that your DJ volunteers to meet with you and the party planning committee in person (if possible) and offers suggestions from their many years of experience to help make your event a huge success. You may find that you can turn an ordinary gathering with music into a extraordinary, successful and FUN company function that is credited to you!