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Your wedding day is something you'll want to remember forever...

All the months of planning, all the meetings, the showers, the parties, the rehearsals, and all the decisions come down to this one special day.


Perhaps the single most important day of your life is here. You  have promised to spend the rest of your life with that special person, now you want to celebrate your special day with your family and friends.

Now STOP! Imagine yourself on your 25th anniversary. What will the memory of your special day to be like? What matters most to you? Is it the location, the food, the favors, or do you mostly want to remember having fun with your family and friends.  Making memories of a lifetime with the ones you love.

Imagine this...You've met with your DJ as often as you wanted, and you have complete confidence in my ability to handle your special day. your way. When you arrive at the reception, your guests already know about the evening's schedule and are already enjoying themselves and mingling. I 've created unique moments that include your guests and make them feel like they are really a part of your celebration even before the dancing even begins.


I meet with you and your wedding party to finalize the introductions and prepare everyone  The introductions are uniquely appropriate for you and your guests. This is not like every other wedding you have ever been to.  You know, where someone grabs a microphone and just starts reading the wedding program .

Not for you! For you, I have specifically written (and rehearsed) your introductions in advance of your wedding day and include personal touches that mean something to you.

As the evening progresses, We help keep everything on schedule while maintaining a relaxed worry-free but VERY fun and special evening for you,your closest friends and family. The evening flows seamlessly from your entrance, to the first dance, and finally to the last dance of the night. You have laughed and had the best time of your life, and your guests keep telling you they have too.

Weeks later when you get your wedding pictures back you see yourself and your guests, smiling, laughing, and dancing. All the wonderful memories come back to remind you that your wedding was the most fun wedding you have ever been to. Year after year each time you watch the video or look at the pictures and see your celebration you will have fantastic memories from an evening that was planned and handled by a professional entertainer. Someone who knows how to make sure everyone has fun. Someone that cares about you AND your memories of the day.

If this is how you want remember your special day, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.